T-Minus 10 Weeks

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! Instead of making you read a bunch of text explaining what’s going on with our various construction areas and renovations, we thought photos would be a better way to show you. Just click on any of the images to enlarge them to full-screen size. All of these shots were taken earlier in the week. It’s now a 10-week countdown to when these facilities need to be ready!

Bus Circle
The bus circle in front of the Middle School is being reconfigured
Middle School Entrance
New entrance to the Middle School
Middle School Classroom
New classroom in the Middle School
Middle School Library
New library for the Middle School
MS Library Counter
Checkout counter in the new middle school library
Middle School Hallway
Hallway in the Middle School looking towards new fifth grade area
Middle School Extension
Expanded classroom area on courtyard-side of Middle School
Middle School Exterior
Exterior of courtyard-side extension for the Middle School
Theater Pathway
New pathway from bus circle to theater lobby entrance
Lower School Art Room
New art space for Lower School (formerly David Block’s upper school art area and photography classroom)
Orchestra Room
Improvement are being made to the Viking Orchestra room
Band Room
The room housing our jazz and concert bands is also being renovated
Practice Rooms
What was formerly the ceramics area will be transformed into music practice rooms as well as storage space for instruments
Dining Hall
The entire dining hall is being renovated and reorganized
Dining Hall Extension
The dining hall extension will be an ideal space for hosting events
Dining Hall Patio
Right outside the new dining hall extension will be a large patio
Morris Hall Exterior
The courtyard-side of Morris Hall (facing the dining hall) is now all windows
Morris Hall Entrance
Inside the new back entrance to Morris Hall
Morris Hall Gallery
A new gallery space within Morris Hall features a high ceiling with exposed beams from the original structure
Morris Hall Loft
Morris Hall’s gallery space includes a loft area
Morris Hall Art Studios
Morris Hall will now feature several art classrooms and studio spaces
Upper School Wing
The new wing to our Upper School will include reflective spaces for students to spend time in between classes
Foreign Language Classroom
New classrooms for our foreign languages will form a themed global studies area
College Counseling Office
At the very front of the new US wing will be the College Counseling Office, which is almost complete

So as you can see, a lot more work to be done and a lot more updates to come!

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